Candle Care is so very important!

Candle Care  is so very important!


Looking after your natural candles is so important for their longevity and to avoid simple problems.

Follow our simple steps and advice below and yours will burn beautifully from start to finish everytime.

~ Never burn a candle longer than 4 hours, this helps the flame from becoming too large and burning the fragrance away.

~ Always ensure you trim the wick after every use. This helps stop that mushroom shape and black smoke.

~ Trimming the wick allows a clean burn and prevents it leaning into the hot wax, which causes uneven melting.

~ Use a candle snuffer to extinguish the flame, don’t blow it out.

~ Snuffers help prevent excess smoke and smell, and also prevents hot wax damaging your furniture!

~ Never burn the wax right to the bottom of the candle, this can cause the glass or coconut to crack from excess heat.

Now you have some easy care tips, I wish you much relaxation and aromatherapy benefits these natural creations are going to share with you.

Blessed Be Kelli 

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