Crystal Healing Bracelets

Crystal Healing Bracelets

Crystals have been used since ancient times for their natural healing vibrations.

Our bracelets are made using a few sizes of tumbled beads and their benefits are many, apart from them being simply gorgeous! 

Wearing crystals is an easy and direct method to achieve their energy. Always program your bracelet with your intention when placing it on and when you notice or touch it during the day, remind yourself of that thought.

Bracelets may be worn alone, or stacked with multiple energy! The choice is personal as we all react differently to the energy they share.

I mix at least 4 to 5 bracelets each day and believe me, if it isn’t the right mix, they will let you know and you will change it!

Experiment, connect and feel happiness with wearing your bracelets. Just please don’t shower or wet them, they don’t do well and so many crystals do receive surface damage.

Instead cleanse them with positive thoughts, sunshine or moonlight. A singing bowl, sage, incense or Palo is another non invasive way to do this.

I Reiki infuse all our bracelets prior to sending them, after Wayne has made them. They arrive ready to wear.

Enjoy our beautiful offerings!

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