Crystals resonating with our Zodiac

Crystals resonating with our Zodiac

Do you follow your horoscope? Do you find certain crystals that resonate with you more so than others? 

Crystals each have an Element of Nature they connect with just as we do like Fire, Water, Earth, Air. We can choose crystals similar in energy with us, to get some healing benefits.

When choosing crystals, and if you love following your horoscope and you exhibit strong traits of it, choose a similar vibration. For example if you are emotional choose a stone like Rose Quartz which is balancing for emotions/hormones. If you are energetic choose something like Carnelian! The list is endless....

But also keep in mind you may be drawn to completely opposite stones and these can bring great benefits to your self, if you need to introduce changes or wish to stop negative behaviour traits for example. Stones like Black Obsidian are perfect for this and may make you feel uneasy, but this can be a wonderful thing, which in turn helps you move forward and change for the better.

We have gorgeous Healing Pouches I have created and they feature a Rose Quartz worry stone engraved with your zodiac sign, along with a trio of tumble stones that connect  with a few of your star sign behaviours and traits! 


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