Dumortierite & Thyroid Health

Dumortierite & Thyroid Health

I was blown away with your support, love and comments on my Hashimoto’s haircut reel on IG explaining the benefits of this beautiful crystal. You all uplifted me so much! 

We will be restocking the bracelets asap! 

Dumortierite is a beautiful deep denim blue crystal that is linked with the planet Uranus,  as the planet and the crystal both represent change that may come in unexpected ways and forms…

Change is hard and this crystal gives me a bit more support, as she encourages me to look at the bigger picture! 

It is a stone of patience and brings insight and personal spiritual growth, which we may need to go through…

Emotionally she is great to help release anger or negative vibes you may be holding onto. Used during anger management it provides healing energies to release any baggage you have pent up

Use a tumble to keep a positive and fresh outlook, if the odds seem against you.

As I explained in my reel she is a great support for my Thyroid, blue crystals are very soothing for Auto Immune Disease. 

Dumortierite is also great for third eye, psychic development and meditation! 



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