Growing your Hair following Moon Phases

Growing your Hair following Moon Phases

This is what you need to know for growing those luscious locks longer!

Have you ever thought of doing it using Moon Phases? 

Being a Moonchild (Cancerian) and being ruled by Lunar energy, I do follow this method as I have slower growing hair.  

However, it has gotten very healthy and lush since last year, and of course grown longer. Same applies to using a deep conditioning masque for giving some much needed nourishment, do it while she is in Cancer and in Full Moon Phase. Although anytime is good for a deep conditioner! 

This year opt for cutting or trimming your hair only during the most active Moon cycles, so think Waxing or Full Moon only. I do love New Moon but never cut my hair during this time!!

Give it a whirl and see if you notice the changes, I bet you do. Write the dates down and take photos. When you compare them months apart, you really see results.

I’m the Red Head & Tarot Taylar is the Blonde!  

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