Iolite and planetary retrogrades

Iolite and planetary retrogrades

Why does Mercury Retrograde strike panic and anxiety in people?

I think because you don’t really understand the energy shifts and because there is so much ridiculous information out there on the internet, that invokes negativity.

Turn it into a positive time of reflection, clearing your physical body and home of all unnecessary drama and energy that isn’t serving your highest self!

I recommend trying to journal, and working with a crystal to help empower yourself. I choose this combination and invite you to try them yourself.

Iolite her colour reminds me of a starry night and this spiritual stone is here to awaken your connection with the Star beings and Spirits on higher realms.

Explore the possibilities and open your mind during meditation or place her in your pillow during the night and journal those vivid dreams. They are telling you a story and delivering a message!

She brings perspective to those who may feel cursed or lead hectic lives, you can reclaim your control. Take back and own your power! Stop blaming the planets, people and other events on everything except your own actions…

Metaphysically healing for eyesight, migraines, headaches and easing insomnia and nightmares.

The Astrological Self-Care journal is a wonderful book that explores planets, self care and the vast cosmic connection we have with the Universe. All you have to do is align with them….


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