Make a Wish ~ Friendship macrame bracelets

Make a Wish ~ Friendship macrame bracelets

Want to feel some positivity and hope for a brand new 2022? Yes! We all do, and this is what we thought to do.

Our intentions are to start some positivity flowing right now and create a ripple effect….

Embrace colour, handmade simplicity and happiness by wearing these wrist ties 

So how do you use your Wish/Friendship Bracelet? 

~ Tie your bracelet on and make a wish at the same time

~ Keep it on your wrist, and each day remind yourself of your wish

~ Wear it 24/7 until it eventually falls off. Water and swimming don’t damage them

~Let’s see if that wish comes true or you get close to receiving it!

Live Love Hope and be happy because that’s the best medicine we have right now! Along with crystals! 

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