Mercury Retrograde Survival Crystals

Mercury Retrograde Survival Crystals

Don’t panic! It’s not a bad thing and it’s not worth you stressing yourself out over it, based on some negative social media posts you have read!

So what is Mercury Retrograde?

What actually is it? A simple explanation for us all....

~ Mercury moves faster than the Earth as they orbit around the sun, and unlike other planets, the speed of its orbit does changes

~When Mercury is at its furthest point from the sun, it's at the slowest point in its orbit, giving Earth a chance to catch up

~This is why we spend the next three weeks feeling the energy, as Mercury turning retrograde, and moving in sync with the Earth

So, I made these easy to use little crystal pouches.

These can be carried each day of the Mercury Retrograde to keep your mind set positive and help shield you from the chaos that can arise with the intense energy shifts during this time frame.

I carry mine in my handbag, so I have the energy with me wherever I go, add to this I then place them, by my workspace to help with deflecting EMFs and other negative aspects...

Simple things you can do to ease any negative energy and stagnancy during this Retrograde 

~ Plan ahead of time and leave home early, so delays are minimal

~ Meditate when needed and burn Incense, White Sage or Palo Santo for positivity and to keep negativity away

~ Don’t make any major decisions, if possible during the Retrograde

~ Take time out and ground yourself outdoors and Earth

~ Draw yourself an Oracle Card to give yourself some guidance and set a good mantra first thing in the morning

~ Carry these natural healing crystals everywhere you go! 

WHITE HOWLITE ~ will help deflect Anger and keep your mind calm and in peaceful spirit. It helps remove pent up frustrations and turn them into a positive

SHUNGITE ~ brings Mother Earth grounding vibes and protection against EMFS. This amazing stone works by clearing and aligning our body particles, for all over healing allowing light rays to flow through us, for optimum health

AMETHYST ~ psychic protection against negative vibes and stressful situations. All healing for people, plants and pets. We can all be affected, by the energy shifts

ROSE QUARTZ ~ nurtures your emotions and keeps hormones balanced. Relieves insomnia and brings sweet dreams and unconditional love and harmony

LAPIS LAZULI ~ A beautiful stone that forms friendships and deep communication and builds lasting relationships. It brings truth and harmony and teaches spiritual love and compassion

They are designed to release your body and mind of any negative or toxic energies you hold. Moving forward is the key!

Breathe in the positive and exhale the negative, you got this Retrograde energy under control, with your thinking, actions and crystals.

So, walk out that door with confidence and embrace our Universe and everything coming your way! 

Pouches and jewellery are available on our website.


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