Natural Root Lemurian Seed and Energy Healings

Natural Root Lemurian Seed and Energy Healings

I love doing Energy, Reiki and Crystal Healings weekly as my life work. I do these via a distance for my beautiful customers and repeat clients.

I find using crystals in Distant Reiki Healings so beneficial for their natural vibrations. 

Read on and see if you need this gorgeous ray of healing light in your life! 

Lemurian Seeds are grown and originate in the sand beds of Brazil.

 They contain wisdom passed down and stored within the crystal from holy people and prophets of ancient times.

It is believed that they pass this knowledge onto the keeper of the crystal who may draw upon this ancient healing wisdom when they hold and meditate with the crystal.

Metaphysically healing for whole body healing and balancing.

Strengthens the immune system and a useful tool in Reiki healing.

These natural root pieces may be used in crystal healing to channel positive energy toward the body or remove negative energy away from the body.

 Always cleanse your quartz after healing and manifesting. This is an important step to keep your points amplified and positive.

Im available weekly for healings, all are one hour duration. For more information or to book just visit the website or message/email me.

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