Positive Thinking Works

Positive Thinking Works

We’ve all heard that old saying “Like attracts Like” right?

So I’m here to say, put the power of your thoughts to work and try only think positive. When we dwell on negativity or worry and stress over everyday things or stuff that really doesn’t matter…it affects our health!!

If you aren’t careful you may become depressed, anxious and develop physical ailments from holding this stagnant energy inside. Kick it out of your Spirit and keep your Aura bright and colourful!

Thinking positively attracts positivity and good energy your way. The more you do it the easier it becomes. And the happier you feel. Your Chakras will appreciate the positive flow as well.

My point here? No matter how bad your day is or if your luck is down…never give up. You have the power to change it and only you can make it happen!

“Always believe good things are coming” MoonstoneGypsyAu 



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