Protecting your Aura & Personal Energy

Protecting your Aura & Personal Energy

Looking after yourself both physically and spiritually is so important for balanced emotions and health. 

So, how can we achieve this with herbs and crystals? Easily! and it’s something you should do a few times a week at least. White Sage Smudging takes only a few minutes and removes negativity from your spiritual bodies. Send your love and prayers up to the Spirit World and your Ancestors within the smoke as you cleanse. 

Wear a crystal that you love, depending on what vibration you feel you need. I’m never without my Navajo Turquoise for protection and it’s spirituality. 

Take a break from social media, on the days you can. These platforms can make you feel insecure, jealous, drained of energy, and even angry at certain posts! This is not good for your overall vibration and leads to energy imbalances. 

Clear out friends, followers, influencers or businesses that don’t serve you anymore. If they aren’t supporting your dream, sharing a laugh, and nourishing you, free yourself. 

We are on a journey of spiritual growth and sometimes we outgrow old friends, fashion styles, even family members. There is nothing wrong with trusting your intuition and pushing past them. Trust your own vibes, if it doesn’t feel right anymore, it probably isn’t.

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