Ritual, Spell or Wish Candles and how to use them

Ritual, Spell or Wish Candles and how to use them

If you are just embarking on the path of Witchcraft it can be confusing, with so much information and books to choose from! Spells are always a popular subject, but they should always be performed with respect, moderate experience and understanding and your intent must never be that of purely personal gain. Choose to serve and help others before yourself. But, you can call for assistance in a life matter that needs help from our Gods or Goddesses. To empower yourself and make it happen, really helps get energy and intentions happening. This is a true part of being Pagan and following your Ancestors.

Candle colours correspond to various intentions and health or problems we may have, just like our crystals correspond to our chakras. Choosing your colour and other tools is important for the best outcome. 

Ensure you are grounded, protected and mindful. Do not perform any spell or healing work if you feel ill, depressed or you are not grounded/balanced. That can be a disaster! As when working with elements and  other worldly energy there is always the opportunity to attract lower astral planes. Always vibrate high and healthy my sister witches! 

We have single ritual candles, with a shorter burn time, this allows them to burn to the end of the spell without taking too many hours! I do list a simple spell on our website which connects with the energy of each candle. Our larger candles  also contain a little spell on them to recite as it burns. I recommend using our candle Snuffer to extinguish your flame, never blow candles out!!

Using the Element of Fire is a powerful choice and fire shares energy of concentration, relaxation and higher energy. It attracts good to your sacred space. For this reason, I use a candle in all Reiki/Crystal Healings I perform.

So Mote it Be....Kelli xx


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