So many Sage Smudge Sticks ~ Here’s what each does!

So many Sage Smudge Sticks ~ Here’s what each does!

Most of us know about White Sage Smudge Sticks and their many benefits of cleansing. But how about all the other new forms we offer here at MoonstoneGypsyAu.

Being of Cherokee Nation blood, this is my favourite method of cleansing, ritual and removing negativity from my Spirit, home, crystals and my Distant Reiki healing room.

Here’s a brief description of the different types of Sage and their key benefits. For full information, visit our website.

WHITE SAGE ~ purification, antibacterial, cleansing 

BLACK SAGE ~ Magick, astral travel, witchcraft

BLUE SAGE ~ spiritual growth, rituals, strength

COPAL SAGE ~ offering for gods/goddesses, clearing 

LAVENDER SAGE ~ relaxant, induce sleep, calming

MUGWORT SAGE ~ witchcraft, psychic protection

SWEETGRASS BRAID ~ blessings, health, abundance

CINNAMON SAGE ~ wealth, protection talisman

YERBA SANTA SAGE ~ love, emotional release, purity

I hope this sheds some light on these beautiful herbs and has you wanting to try them all, at some point! Each has its very own benefit and all smell divine.

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