White Sage ~ are you honouring those Ashes?

White Sage ~ are you honouring those Ashes?

This post is for those of us who choose to use White Sage or other Herb Bundles for our Cleansing rituals.

White Sage Smudging has been used by the beautiful Indigenous American Tribes for ceremonies and healings. It is a sacred plant, and treated with respect always.

White Sage or various herbs are burned using fire, which is a symbol of strength, and renewal. The smoke is fanned using a feather. Feathers in turn, are sacred gifts from birds. Birds are believed to be Messengers, flying between our Worlds, and the higher spiritual realms. Birds are believed to carry messages from our Ancestors, and loved ones. Using a feather, captures your thoughts and prayers and carries them into the next World, for your loved ones.

Next comes the ashes from the burnt and used Sage or herb. Please do not discard it into the trash! This is disrespectful. It is not a waste product. It is a transformation of the plant it once was.

Allow your White Sage ashes to cool, and empty them back into Mother Earth or a pot plant filled with soil. This honours the plant that grew, and gives Mother Earth gratitude for her fertile soils in which the herbs grew. Always give thanks to both.

Gratitude is something that should always be done after smudging, it is a sign of respect for the gift we have received. 

You may just notice that the patch of earth you continue to empty your ashes onto, seems healthier than other areas! You may also notice that your pot plants thrive with the extra benefits of the sage, they are receiving.

I hope you all enjoy this little snippet of information, and I hope that you all start using this method of recycling your sage ashes. 

Blessed Be Kelli 🏹xx

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