Collection: Clusters. Geodes.

Clusters contain combined energies and are wonderful for any room of your home! 

Want to know some simple things to do with them? Read on lovely people…

~ Use for crystal healing sessions and energising the atmosphere 

~ Bring balance to the body and restore imbalances

~ Place an amethyst cluster beside your bed for peaceful sleep each night

~ Clusters are wonderful used in distant or absent healings

~ Use for cleansing and charging smaller crystals

~ Placed in any room they will send positive energy out to their surrounds

~ Clusters remove negative energy from their surrounds

~ All our Amethyst and Citrine originates from Uraguay and Brazil

PLEASE NOTE CLUSTERS CAN CONTAIN LOOSE TERMINATIONS, this is their nature and how they grow in Mother Earth. This is not a fault but naturally occurring . We do our best to ensure they don’t break but they can sometimes become loose during transit, this does not affect the healing properties. 

Please note our Citrine is heat heated and this is what is called Citrine!

Yes, it does come from Amethyst and it does alter the colour, often you can find Ametrine which is a combination of the two, it is very REAL energy. Natural citrine does not have a lovely golden appearance as heat treated does.  The origin and climate also contribute to this effect. This holds no negative effect at all.

In all honesty,  I use heat treated over natural, as personally I find it far higher vibration! 

Again, the debate remains, it’s a personal choice at the end of the day😊


Geodes are a very protective energy for families when placed in the home

Geodes are known to open your mind to allow spiritual growth, they make a perfect meditation piece

Use by candlelight to explore their opening and dimensions within

~ Please note due to the nature of clusters and shipping small inclusions/pieces may come away from the sides, this is a normal occurrence and not a fault. If major breakages occur we will issue refunds of course, when photos are provided