Collection: Wands. Lingams.

Choose between massage wands that are rounded for full body massage and pressure points or

Healing wands that feature double terminations for powerful healing

We also feature beautiful Ritual Wands for Spellwork and Magick 

To use a crystal wand for healing you may do any of the following:

~ for directing energy inward use the smaller rounded end toward the body

~ to draw energy out use the widest point toward the body

~ use for massage on any body part for relief of tension or muscle knots

~ touch each chakra to instil energy flow and positivity 

~ healing wands gather and direct energy and transfer the energy of their crystal type

~ use on pressure points, for reflexology, body massage 

Wands are a traditional  healing tool of Shamans and healers

Magick Aspect ~ use your wand to attract good fortune and abundance by circling 9 times clockwise direction around your Crown Chakra. Tap into some of that Universal energy and light rays to surround yourself in wonderful energy and healing! 


Lingams. Do you all know what they are symbolic of?

Yep, the male phallus that is correct! Or as they may be referred to as “A Shaft of Light” yep I’m laughing as I type…

Lingams are one of the oldest religious symbols known to humans

~ They are symbolic of the the masculine and feminine energy vibrations within us all.

~ They remind us that peace and harmony may be reached through the balance of both these forces

~ Shiva Lingams are a perfect choice for those who need balance and harmony. They are symbolic of fertility 

~ These stones raise the Kundalini energy from the base of our spine by moving and awakening it through our energy centres.

~ Shiva lingams stones originate from the holy waters of the Narmada River, where after the annual monsoons they are collected and hand polished 

~ They have a strong affinity to water, so are perfect for placing in your bath for healing energies

~ I cleanse my shivas (all sizes) every time it storms. I place them safely outside, where they love the natural rain, Mother Nature sends us