Leather ~ Diffuser Bracelets ~ Stacker Collection

This Collection includes the following: 

STACKER of 3 Collection Bracelets based on my Healing Pouches

These use small 6mm polished beads 

Please note this collection bracelets will never be same sizing in each set

Each bracelet will contain approximately 30 gemstone beads on elastic, but as crystals are natural there are size differences always

Leather Wraps ~ all are 100% soft dark brown or caramel leather with semi precious gemstones


These Crystal Healing Diffuser Bracelets are designed and hand made by us, they are all originals of MoonstoneGypsyAu ©️

If you need a different size option, just message us and we can create it

~ Lava Stone\Basalt Rock is a porous crystal, perfect for diffuser jewellery

~ Place a drop on your fingertip and lightly rub it into the lava stone until absorbed

All gemstones we use are 100% natural, spacers are composed of Tibetan Silver

~ Our Essential Oils if you want to pair them with a bracelet are Vegan friendly, not tested on animals, 100% natural and ethically sourced

After wearing crystal bracelets repeatedly, I recommend a quick cleanse to remove negative vibes they absorb, this keeps their energies working for you and positive

Simple ways to do this may be found in the Information section on our drop down menu

Please do not wear whilst showering, bathing or swimming! Water will affect their quality 

All bracelets shown in this collection are not able to be resized, so choose carefully please