Organic Tea & Mugs

Immerse yourself in our beautiful range of Organic Loose Leaf Tea that’s infused with Reiki and crystal healing!

Our organic tea blends are naturopath endorsed and are created using 100% ACO (Organic Certified) herbs, flowers, and teas which are both locally and globally sourced at the highest grade quality.

Tea is a wonderful and simple way to help purify and nourish our body with essential natural antioxidants & helps us to connect with the present moment whilst we stop to enjoy a beautiful cup of tea...

Being a tea enthusiast (I consume between 2-3litres per day) I felt it was time to share my love of healthy, decadent, soothing, relaxing, and divine tasting tea blends with you all ~ Tarot Taylar

Our teas will help you....

~ Promote harmony within your physical wellbeing, mindset, and spirit

~ Help you unwind and relax at the end of the day 

~ Boost your energy and immune system with naturally occurring antioxidants and vitamins 

~ Assist in digestion and detoxing your system 

~ Help you get a good night's sleep