Organic Tea & Mugs

Immerse yourself in our beautiful new range of Organic Loose Leaf Tea that’s infused with Reiki and crystal healing!

Tea is a wonderful and simple way to help purify and nourish our body with essential natural antioxidants, that not only promote harmony and good health within our physical wellbeing but also our mindset and soul. 

Whether you're looking for an organic tea blend to help uplift your mood, unwind in the evening, promote peaceful sleep and dreaming, awaken your senses, connect with your spiritual nature, detox your digestion or simply looking to enjoy a delicious cup of loose leaf tea, we have a special tea for you!

All of our tea blends are created with the highest grade of organic and natural ingredients from local and imported sources. Our divine cocoa shells are certified organic from the beautiful country of Peru and our rose petals are sourced directly from Egypt! We believe in supplying our customers with a diverse range of tea ingredients that allows them to experience flavours from all over the world. All of our tea is ACO Organic Certified.

Being a tea enthusiast, I felt it was time to share my love and passion for organic, healthy and delicious tasting tea with you all ~ Tarot Taylar

~ If you have any questions about these wonderful tea blends, don’t hesitate to contact me directly via Facebook Private Messenger on my TAROT TAYLAR business page and I’ll happily reply back to you ~