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Abalone Shell with Feather ~ Set of 2

Abalone Shell with Feather ~ Set of 2

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CHAKRA: Third Eye

Height: 150mm

Width: 120m approx

These beautiful natural Abalone Shells originate from Western Australia.

Use for your sage smudge sticks and palo santo or place crystals in them. Abalone shells have been used since ancient times in healing and cleansing.

Traditionally Abalone shells with a feather are combined with the white sage,  as the cleansing /healing smoke is intensified and extra protection is given.

Native Americans hold them in high regard and as this is in my heritage, I love using their cleansing and healing methods. 

I use sacred herbs each morning to purify my spirit and to send blessings and love to my Ancestors in the Heavens. They in turn offer their guidance and protection 

They are also used in herbal remedies and with natural healing to amplify the actions. As a meditation tool they bring focus and allow us to open our minds further.

A powerful symbol of protection with a thick layer of Mother of Pearl iridescent rainbow natural finish on the inside. They are truly beautiful energies that connect with the calm energy of the ocean.

The protection of the abalone shell is passed to whomever is holding it. Their energies trigger our imagination and bring inspiration and activity.

I sage smudge all our crystals using the Abalone Shell and feather before shipping your orders.

I always do our family home at least twice a week. This keeps your environment purified, positive and protected from any lower energies

You may cleanse your home, car, pets, jewellery and crystals as frequently as you wish.

When your shell needs a clean simply wash in mild soap and warm water using a soft cloth, dry with a paper towel or air dry naturally in the Sun.*

You receive 1 Abalone Shell with feather, please note feather colours will vary as they are unique 



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