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Abalone Shell /Smoke Medicine ~ Set of 4

Abalone Shell /Smoke Medicine ~ Set of 4

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Pack includes Palo Santo Stick, Natural Abalone Shell, Natural Clear Quartz Point, Selenite Rod and feather

These beautiful natural Abalone Shells originate from Western Australia

Grown in the USA, this variety is Californian white sage and high quality being all natural

Native American cultures have used this method of cleansing and healing along with medicine men and shamans.

People everywhere now benefit from this Ancestral tradition passed down, please always honour your linage whatever your background may be! 

I have Native American blood from Cherokee/Lumbee Tribes and this is my favourite method of cleansing and warding of illness and lower negative energies. 

Always give thanks to Mother Earth when burning your sage, gratitude of her sacred medicine is most important  

I cleanse my body each day as part of my beauty routine and this is very important to me. It honours my mind, body spirit and also connect me with my Ancestors as the smoke rises towards the heavens…

Please open all your windows and doors, this allows the negative energy or spirit to leave your surrounds

Light your Smudge and gently blow to create the smoke, this is then transferred to your surrounds to rid them of evil, illness and negative vibes

A feather and abalone shell are highly recommended as they enhance the protection and powers of the white sage and your pure intent

Walk to each room of your home to purify your surrounds with the Sage resting in the Abalone Shell in your left hand, and use the feather in your right hand to disperse smoke to all corners

Extinguish the sage after use by putting in sand or the earth

Place Abalone Shell and sage on a heat proof surface after use or if you leave your sage smouldering afterward (I do)

When your shell needs a clean simply wash in mild soap and warm water using a soft cloth, dry with a paper towel or air dry naturally in the Sun.

Our sage comes in sealed bags to retain its freshness

I Sage smudge all our crystals using my abalone shell and feather before shipping your orders

I also do our home twice weekly or more when healings and tarot are done

This keeps your family surrounds purified, positive and protected from any lower energies

You may cleanse your home, car, pets, jewellery and crystals as frequently as you wish

Some FACTS and BENEFITS about using White Sage Smudge Sticks:

~ they provide a relaxed frame of mind by calming our senses with the aroma of fresh mountain air/trees

~ our energy is increased with the negative ions produced by the sage smoke, this helps counteract the excess positive ions we have around us all the time

~ clearer air free of bacteria, pollen, dust, and mould spores, so less allergic conditions

~ clearer mental focus with clear breathing

~ improved sleep patterns

~ natural antidepressant, the smell triggers our mind to mountains, outdoors and healing nature scents

~ perfect antibacterial tool instead of chemical sprays. In cooler months when the family get colds or flus, burn sage with windows closed to increase the antibacterial benefits in your home


CHAKRA: Sacral and Third Eye

Named after the Greek goddess Selene, meaning Moon

This crystal is a high vibration so perfect to use for meditation and focus

A stone of lunar and gentle energies which cleanses our aura of negative energy

Aids peaceful sleep and brings harmony to your surrounds

Did you know selenite is wonderful and healing for skin issues like, acne, eczema, dry, irritated or itchy skin!

It helps purify our system of toxins and removes any negative stagnant energy away from us, this results in a more healthy glow with good blood flow and positive health for happy supple skin 

Selenite can also be placed on your window sill to keep bad spirits and elements away

Recharge under the full Moon to enhance the high vibrations and make it glow with energy

Selenite brings clarity of mind with higher understanding and connects us with Angelic realms

Metaphysical healing for fertility, hormones and balancing hormones. Excellent for breastfeeding

Do not get your selenite wet as it will eventually dissolve due to its make up of over 70% water 


Clear Quartz Natural points are a great healing tool, they are the highest evolved stone of the crystal world

They provide concentrated energies through their termination and amplify other crystals

The master crystal in healing our bodies and auric fields they fill us with pure life force energy

It protects from negativity and offers psychic protection against black magic

They promote balance and harmony within for all over metaphysical healing

Beautiful white light protection, love and vibes from this spiritually powerful stone

Clear Quartz draws energies down from the Universe, higher sources as well as nature

Clear Quartz is a highly programmable stone making it perfect for meditation, manifesting or healing

This energy transfers to our rainbow auric field and cleanses and centres our Chakras

 These natural points are used in crystal healing to channel positive energy toward the body or remove negative energy away from the body

Points are powerful tools for clarifying and focusing intentions

Always cleanse your quartz after healing and manifesting. This is an important step to keep your quartz points amplified and positive

You receive one bundle as shown with 4 items listed above

*Abalone Shells colour will vary as they are natural unique creations*

©️ 2020 MoonstoneGypsyAU

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