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Afghanite Obelisk

Afghanite Obelisk

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CHAKRA: Throat, Third Eye & Crown


weight: 241gms

height: 112mm

width: 37mm

This beautiful stone is rarer and originates from Afghanistan

To me I see Grandfather Sky with brilliant blues and white flowing through…

With stunning vivid blues you will feel the energy swirl through your fingertips

Even though a high vibration, Afghanite brings deep calming, soothing and balance to our thoughts. Keeping your mind clear and free from clutter

This is a wonderful crystal to use for psychic growth, spiritual development and learning new interests

Spiritual Realms, Ancestors, Guides and Guardian Angels are always around us

By keeping a piece of this energy close by during meditations, ceremonies, prayers and rituals you may “feel” and become more aware of their presence around you

Speak and acknowledge them, you will keep developing your communication with these higher realms the more you practice

Afghanite really resonates with our Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras and the more you use it, the more potent this power becomes in uniting these spiritual Chakas in unison

It encourages us to always speak our truths and keep our Throat Chakra open and flowing. Allow your thoughts and voice to echo into the Universe to hear…

Metaphysically healing for insomnia, calming emotions and helping ease pain which may be caused by energy blocks in your physical body

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