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Apache Tear Tumble Stones

Apache Tear Tumble Stones

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This is a beautiful stone that has so much spiritual meaning behind it. Having Cherokee blood I really resonate with this legend…

Apache Tears were named after an incident that took place in Arizona in the 1870's.

The US Calvary attacked a group of Apaches upon a Mountain (now named Apache Leap Mountain) near Superior Az and sadly they were outnumbered.

Instead of conceding defeat the proud warriors rode their horses off the Mountain to their deaths. When the women and families heard news that their beloved warriors were dead they were so distraught they wept tears of sorrow for a whole month. These tears formed into rocks and created Apache Tears…

It is said that by keeping a stone it will protect you from sorrow, for the Apache women so long ago, cried tears of grief for you also…

Apache Tears will unlock and release feelings of grief and sorrow along with unresolved emotions when all seems dark.

These spiritual stones will allow you to move forward to the light.

Metaphysically healing for muscle spasms, blockages in the lower body parts and relieving skin irritations.

Place in your pocket, purse or bra for healing wherever you may be

Place under your pillow or on your bedside for healing vibes whilst sleeping

You receive one tumble stone chosen intuitively for you

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