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Authentic Copal Sage Bundle ~ offering for higher realms

Authentic Copal Sage Bundle ~ offering for higher realms

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4 inches 

   USA grown authentic wildcrafted sage, is sustainably harvested and USDA organic certified. Please always be mindful of where you buy your herbs. They need to be replenished responsibly for our Mother Earth. We cannot take without giving back…

Copal White Sage is from a tree resin and used in ceremonies. It is a citrus/pine scent and is burnt as an offering to the Gods & Goddesses and for cleansing and clearing of spaces. It has been used by the Maya & Aztecs

Native American cultures have used this method of cleansing and healing along with medicine men and Shamans

I have Native American lineage with Lumbee/Cherokee Nation and this is my favourite natural method of cleansing our home and crystals

For best results, I recommend using an Abalone Shell and Feather, this then uses all 4 Elements 

Water ~ The Abalone Shell

Air ~ The feather guiding smoke towards the heavens

Fire ~ The flame and smoke

Earth ~ The sacred herb you are burning 

~ Sage will remove negative energy from your surrounds, body, mind & spirit, crystals, pets and everywhere you use the cleansing smoke

I include this practice every morning for my day ahead. It sends love and gratitude to my Ancestors in the smoke. They then send guidance and protection in return.

~ Always give thanks to Mother Earth when using your sacred herbs and dispose of them back into the earth, gardens or plants. This is valuable and should not be discarded as waste! 

Light your Smudge and gently blow to create the smoke, this will now be transferred to your surrounds to remove stagnant energy, evil, illness and lower negative vibes

We also sell smudge bowls that hold your smouldering stick, if you prefer a more western modern approach. This prevents mess and hot ash dropping

Walk to each room of your home to purify your surrounds with the smouldering sage

Place your Abalone Shell in your left hand with the sage resting in your shell and use the feather in your right hand to disperse smoke to all corners. Speak your pure intent for cleansing your desired space

Always give thanks to Great Spirit & The Universe for their presence, protection and guidance

Once cleansing has finished extinguish your sage by putting in sand or the earth. I usually leave mine to smoulder out naturally

Place on a heat proof surface or leave in your Abalone Shell or Smudge Bowl when not in use

Our sage comes in sealed bags to retain its freshness, please keep away from moisture when not in use

I Sage smudge all our crystals using my abalone shell and feather before shipping your orders

I also do our home twice weekly or more when healings and tarot are done

This keeps your family and home purified, positive and protected from lower vibes and illness

You may cleanse your home, car, pets, jewellery and crystals as frequently as you wish

Some FACTS and BENEFITS about using Sage Smudge Sticks or any Sacred Herb

~ they provide a relaxed frame of mind by calming our senses with the aroma of fresh mountain air/trees

~ our energy is increased with the negative ions produced by the sage smoke, this helps counteract the excess positive ions we have around us all the time

~ clearer air free of bacteria, pollen, dust, and mould spores, so less allergic conditions

~ clearer mental focus with clear breathing

~ improved sleep patterns

~ natural antidepressant, the smell triggers our mind to mountains, outdoors and healing nature scents

~ perfect antibacterial tool instead of chemical sprays. In cooler months when the family  get colds or flus, burn sage with windows closed to increase the antibacterial benefits in your home

ACCESSORIES NOT INCLUDED ~ you receive one white sage smudge stick

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