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Black Obsidian Scrying Mirror includes stand

Black Obsidian Scrying Mirror includes stand

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ELEMENT: Fire and Earth

height: 100mm

width: 100mm

These amazing polished mirrors are perfect for divination, Scrying and foreseeing while making Magick…

Use it by candlelight, and allow your mirror to forsee visions that may reflect, or allow thoughts to float into your mind

Keep your journal close by with a pen!

Obsidian is a stone associated with wizards and magical energies

It has a beautiful mirror like surface which makes scrying by candlelight a perfect choice for psychic openings and connections

It has strong Earth energies keeping us balanced and rooted safely to the ground

Black Obsidian is a strong stone,  to help both sexes overcome trauma of sexual abuse and emotional problems from the past or in their present life.

Helps replace irritability and restleness with peace and absorbs negative vibes away

Obsidian is great for our pets under their bed it makes them feel less nervous and brings comfort

Metaphysically healing for natural pain relief, improving circulation and bringing recovery after long illness or operations

These perfectly rounded slabs are polished on both sides and include stand as displayed

Please always use protection when practising Divination…


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