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Black Tourmaline Tumble Stones

Black Tourmaline Tumble Stones

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A powerful grounding crystal that deflects negative vibes away from its keeper like a shield

Used in healings it will bring the chakras into alignment and balance the body

Great to use in grid layouts and for altar displays

It has strong earthy vibes that connect us with the Earth and human spirit

Used in meditation we may receive insight from higher spiritual realms

In Native American culture tourmaline stone is believed to protect against spells and evil

Keep some if you suffer anxiety or feel like you are in a bad situation

Use whilst meditating to keep you grounded safely on Mother Earth and connect with Earth energies

Metaphysically healing for arthritis, IBS, muscle pain, immune system and natural pain relieving

Tumble Stones are a great way to learn new crystal energy to work and heal with

Placed under your pillow you receive benefits whilst your body rests or place in your pocket or bra during the day for energies in your daily routine

You receive one Tumble stone shown chosen intuitively for you



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