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Blue Obsidian Tumble Stones

Blue Obsidian Tumble Stones

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CHAKRA: Throat

Obsidian has been used by centuries by indigenous tribes, as its form and texture was and is used for Arrowheads and weapons

Obsidian is naturally occurring, from volcanic eruptions and Mama Earth elements connecting

A crystal of silica rich volcanic glass with amazing texture and energy

Use Obsidian to bring clarity of mind and soothing, cooling vibrations

It helps us communicate with higher spiritual realms and opens our inner knowledge

Obsidian diffuses negativity and energises our chakras

Use it for calming and peaceful energy when needed

Blue Obsidian is an expansive spiritual stone to clear mind chatter, it is useful during meditation 

Spiritually it is beneficial to those doing light work like crystal healing, tarot and astral travel

Metaphysically it is for our circulation and sexual glands. With its soothing nature it is also helpful for emotion and mental health issues

Place in your pocket or bra for crystal vibes wherever you are

Placed under your pillow at night you receive healing whilst sleeping

You receive one tumble stone shown chosen intuitively for you 

Please note this obsidian is man made and coloured

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