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Woodstock Wire Wrap ~ Spirit Animal

Woodstock Wire Wrap ~ Spirit Animal

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Width: 12.5cm approx

Length: 84cm approx

All our Woodstock wire wraps are handmade by Ashley here in Eumundi, she sits sewing till 2am most mornings! We have a lot of fun shopping and choosing the fabrics & prints.

Designs will be seasonal and change depending on availability of fabric. So if you love one don’t pass it by, it may be gone when you need it most!

Our wire hair bands cover bad hair days, the days we skip a wash because we were too tired (yep me often), or when it’s humid and you can’t stand your hair down, these are gorgeousness & style in one pretty wrap.

Our wraps feature soft cotton, muslin or rayon fabrics, with thin flexible wire sewn inside. This secures their hold while wearing with comfort and prevents them sliding off your head! They won’t leave marks and don’t hurt or pinch your ears (& I have hearing aids 😂)

I have included Taylar and myself, wearing ours in different styles.
Woodstock Wraps may be hand washed in cool water and dried in the shade

How to wear:

Grab each end place it around your head with the ties facing upward and twist the ends together, it’s really that simple!

You may knot them to the side, on the top of your hair or to the nape of your neck, wear it your way and have fun!


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