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Brass Singing Bowl ~ Moon Phases

Brass Singing Bowl ~ Moon Phases

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width: 120mm

Tibetan Singing Bowls have been long used by Buddhist Monks to practice meditation

The variations of these Singing Bowls are said to have a positive effect on the body by helping reduce stress

They work by harmonising the cells and balancing our body’s energy system. Not unlike like my Distant Reiki Healing I do for you all! 

Tibetan Singing Bowls can stimulate our Immune Systems and produce beneficial changes to our brain waves

This in turn helps us reduce the following:

~ anxiety

~ lower anger and bad moods

~ blood pressure lowering

 ~ improve body circulation 

~ improve healthy blood flow 

~ provide a feeling of stillness& happiness

~ chakra healing and alignment 

How to use your Singing Bowl:

~ Hold you palm open and place the bowl in the centre, allow if to balance gently, don’t grip it tight or hold tension in your hand and fingers, let them point straight out, not curved around the bowl

~ To create soothing vibrations and sound with your bowl, use a tapping motion using the mallet on the outer rim of the bowl

~ You will feel and hear the sound vibrate in your palm 

~ now continue with your mallet in a clockwise direction around the outer rim of the bowl

~ the sound will become clear and loud the longer you play

~ you can slow it down or go faster, depending on the sound you want to achieve 

~ you may also choose to simply strike the bowl for little short sound vibrations

I feature a reel on our IG page which shows you the way to correctly and easily use them 

Practice does make perfect, do not give up! 

You receive one bowl including the mallet shown 

Surface paint imperfections/chips will occur, this is their characteristic and not a fault! 


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