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Celestial Gold Plated ~ Aquamarine ~ Atlantis

Celestial Gold Plated ~ Aquamarine ~ Atlantis

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CHAKRA: Heart and Throat


Height: 54mm

Width: 40mm aprox 

These are a beautiful peaceful vibration stone

Their name means 'water of the sea' in Latin

This is the stone of mermaids and those who travel or love the sea

Given as a token of love it prevents quarrels and increases commitment 

Aquamarine brings quiet courage and clear words spoken

Helps prevent mood swings, angry or bad tempered people and promote calm instead of negativity 

Metaphysically healing for fluid retention, sore throats, respiratory conditions and good to keep in hot climates

Beneficial in providing soothing to painful areas of inflammation 

These lovely earrings are gold plated with mixed metals + crystals contain natural surface inclusions as they are natural points/shapes 

These earrings feature larger stones so are a little heavier then all the other designs 💕

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