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Celestial Gold Plated ~ Lavender Amethyst ~ Healing

Celestial Gold Plated ~ Lavender Amethyst ~ Healing

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CHAKRA: Third Eye


Height: 77mm

Width: 17mm aprox

Amethyst is the all healer of plants, people and pets

Metaphysically healing for headaches, stress and insomnia

It protects from ill wishing and paranormal attacks attacks

Attracts good luck to your life with harmony

It purifies the aura of any negative energy or energy blocks and places a protective bubble of light around our bodies allowing us to remain safe and centered while opening our selves to spiritual awareness and enlightenment

Amethyst holds the the energy of fire and passion, creativity and spirituality

Amethyst is a highly spiritual stone to open our psychic centres for growth

These lovely earrings are gold plated with mixed metals + crystals contain natural surface inclusions as they are natural points/shapes 

You will receive one pair of earrings intuitively chosen for you, each is uniquely beautiful! 💜


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