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Chocolate Calcite Obelisk

Chocolate Calcite Obelisk

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weight: 146gms

height: 96mm

Width: 32mm

These ranges of Chocolate Calcite are simply delicious! The swirls of browns, whites and beiges are seemless and so unique

The first thing you will feel are the negative Mother Earth ions in every piece we have…

Deep earthy connection, grounding and total body equilibrium is just part  of the healing energy this lush crystal delivers

Calcite is a wonderful stress, negativity & stagnant energy remover 

Using her before spiritual practices ensures a calm, peaceful mind & body. Mind expansion and wisdom are yours to enjoy!

Allow her to remove stubborn energy blocks within your chakras by holding your carving over the area you feel disharmony in…

Healing properties include : easing chronic fatigue, IBS relief, gallstone pain and assisting in fertility 

Crystal spheres/balls bring harmony to their surrounds with their perfect forms

In Native American tradition we sit in circles. No one is in charge, no one is behind, no one is left out…. For in a circle we are all equal 

Think of this energy flowing to everyone in your home where the sphere is placed 

Obelisks are four sided crystals that connect to a centre termination

They are symbolic of a mountain or tower which amplifies energies and focus through their apex

They help dissipate negative vibes and stress so are great for any home or business

Obelisks help attain mental, physical and emotional balance


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