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Chrysoprase Tumble Stones

Chrysoprase Tumble Stones

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Chrysoprase is a form of Chalcedony and is a gorgeous natural energy output 

This is a stone to connect you with the earth and nature energies

Symbolic of balance, harmony with spiritual growth, joy and happiness

Helps you find a different solution or approach and solve problems

A stone to attract new love to your life and bring truth

Helps ease depression and anxieties with its calming vibes

Connect with the magickal energies of the Devic Kingdom

Believed to help communication with reptiles and lizards and a closeness with nature

Use it to connect with your Land Guardians and Faery folk, it’s a beautiful energy for outdoor crystal healing 

Metaphysically healing for detoxifying your surrounds, eyes, ears and stomach

These are perfect sized to place in your pocket, bra or bag and carry crystal vibes whenever needed

Placed under your pillow in the evening you receive healing energy whilst sleeping

You receive one Tumble stone shown chosen intuitively for you 


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