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Copal Fossil ~ Amber Columbia

Copal Fossil ~ Amber Columbia

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CHAKRA: Solar Plexus

weight: 5gms

height: 82mm

width: 19mm

This Copal is aged between 1 - 10 thousand years old originating in Columbia

Use it to bring love into your Heart Chakra 

Open & strengthen your energy meridians 

Amber has been long loved in folklore by gypsys and healers alike, it has wonderful uplifting energies

Amber is semi fossilised tree resin called copal, it often contains plant matter and insects that become trapped in the forming resin

Its amazing in that it actually helps heal the trees and their injuries! Think of it like a Band-Aid for them. It seals over the wound or bark to prevent it getting more damaged and that my friends, is natural healing at her very best.

It is called Copal when in the unripened younger form, as these specimens are

It becomes Amber when it is buried for further thousands/millions of years and completely fossilises!

It brings emotional courage and allows us to remove obstacles from our life

Great for relieving depression, anxiety and addictions with its positive vibes

Magically, Amber is used for past life recall, and ancient wisdom

It has electrostatic properties and is one of the best healers for most ailments

Metaphysically healing for female fertility and male virility, helps ease childbirth pain and is wonderful for teething toddlers, especially in necklace form

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