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Discover Your Crystal Family

Discover Your Crystal Family

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A full-color guide to working with crystals and their reflections in the angelic realm

  • Provides exercises, meditations, and visualizations for working with crystals, including special protocols for balancing chakra energies and connecting to the Archangels for healing
  • Offers guidance on how to choose or be chosen by a crystal and explains how we can consciously invite crystals into our lives
  • Includes a compendium of 44 crystal allies and their angelic counterparts, explaining their uses and energies as well as their spiritual messages

Crystals cross our life path not by accident. Energetic mirrors of the angelic realm, they allow us to connect deeply with Heaven and Earth, calling us in to align with our soul purpose. A natural resonance with ndividual Archangels reinforces their particular strengths and properties, and as we engage with them we can deepen our energetic health on all levels.

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