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Distant Reiki Session

Distant Reiki Energy Healing with Kelli

Distant Reiki Energy Healing with Kelli

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Hello Dreamers, 

Would you like to learn more about my Usui Distant Reiki Healings and how it may benefit you?

Age is a number. It bears no meaning in the Universe. Reiki Healing is suited to all stages of life. 

This traditional Japanese practice of transferring Life Force Energy is a non invasive method of energy healing, to compliment your self-care and emotional wellbeing and immunity support. 

Practicing and receiving Reiki is similar to a healing hug, unconditional love and inner peace . Reiki helps empower and enlighten your mind, body and spirit.

I offer Distant Reiki Healing Sessions which I combine with Crystal Healing. Simply, this means I surround us with various crystal/s and use their healing vibration and protective energies to amplify Reiki further.

I am fully qualified in both these fields and studied for a couple of years to gain these accreditations and certifications. They are internationally recognised in many countries such as Australia, USA, England & Ireland.

Accreditation/CPE: Massage Association of Australia (MAA), International Association of Therapists (IAOT), Natural Healer Society (NHS), American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP), International Natural Healers Association (INHA) and Complimentary Therapists Accredited Association (CTAA). 


 45 minute Distant Reiki Session 

~ I meditate for 15 mins prior to connect with your energy (photo/name supplied)

~ I scan/dowse your body and chakras

~ I align energy pathways and clear your aura (sometimes I see your current colour) 

~ I heal your physical and spiritual body of stagnancy, negativity and dis-ease  

~ I surround you in protective universal energy upon completion 

~ I email upon completion explaining details of your body scan, chakras & current energy


~ A brief email outlining what you hope to achieve from your healing 

~ I encourage you to add up to 3 focus points e.g chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia (please keep them simple) 

~ Reiki will always flow to where it is most needed, if you don’t want to share personal details 

~ Please be mindful the day I send your Reiki, it makes for a positive experience and makes our energy connection easier 

~ Staying hydrated is important. It helps flush toxins and filters your physical body, keep drinking water!

At the time of purchasing your Reiki Session please forward your email and photo to my email below. I need this at least 24 hours prior to our session or I cannot effectively send healing to you. 

My Email address is:

If you are working, driving, or sleeping at the time of your healing it’s irrelevant. By acknowledging our Reiki session it allows the energy to connect with you 

I will conduct your healing on the date selected. I don’t give a specific time, however as a guideline I commence Reiki around 1pm most days.

Photos and details of your session are not archived by me. I do not hold emails of any session, so please keep your “healing conclusion email” if you wish to refer back to it at a later date. 

Please no filtered photos! I need the authentic you, an altered image is not accurate. A quick selfie wherever you are is ideal. No other people in the photo please, I don’t want to pick up their energy.

 I work ethically at all times so I won’t send energy to anyone who has not requested Reiki personally. I cannot extend it to a loved one or family member without their permission prior. Apart from circumstances such as hospitalisation etc and they cannot access this themself, in which case you can share their details.

REIKI Ever wondered what it is and how to say it?
“Ray Key” is the correct way to pronounce it.

"Rei” means Higher Power and “Ki” means life force energy 

Reiki is higher Universal healing from the source. It may be felt through the body, even though we can’t physically see it being transferred. 

Reiki energy works as effectively via distant healings and is exactly the same, as if I was in person with you.

In fact, I have found most prefer to be in their own space, rather than receive a hands on healing. It is normal to feel nervous or feel a little uncertain, if you are accepting energy you have never felt before. Being in your own home, lessens these concerns and often Reiki is more successful, as you are holding no barriers up or feeling anxious. 

Think of me as a vessel for the higher energy to channel through. My personal energy remains within my physical body it does not merge with yours. 

Sensations & emotions vary, some clients feel heat, tingling, goosebumps, sometimes even an increase or peak in their ailment/emotions, then healing follows in the days/week ahead.

Do not be disheartened if you feel nothing, there is no “normal”. Some people won’t feel any sensations  during their session and days later it will be undeniable. This is what occured with me during my attunements with my Master.

I experienced no “feelings” at the time and 2 days later I had head cold symptoms, lethargy and needed rest and sleep for around 4 days. Physical pains may also heighten, before they plateau again.

This is often refered to as a “spiritual detox“ and the effects vary. They are not harmful, it is your body shifting stagnant energy, emotions, and aligning chakras. 

Emotional upsets are a common reaction, especially if you are dealing with trauma or repressed feelings. 

Reiki Distant Healing works on energy and timelessness for we are all connected. The Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen connects us for our Energy Healing using the element of Air. 

The Magick of Reiki is once you accept it, it finds you. How you ask?  I think of it like this. We are all energy strands & intertwined as a whole like a spiderweb. Imagine the energy currents running in all different directions to reach each one of us! Reiki Masters use a “distance symbol” to activate energy & reach their recipients regardless of where you are in the world, it’s pretty amazing stuff! 

The benefits of Distant Reiki Healings are: 

~ inner peace and harmony

~ mindfulness 

~ emotional healing & positivity 

~ easing chronic pain 

~ improving sleep patterns

~ immune boosting 

~ easing anxiety, depression, nervousness 

~ feeling universal love 

~ self love and self care

~ awakening our natural healing ability

~ releasing past trauma 

~ chakra alignment 

The amount of Reiki you receive is totally your decision. Many clients love a “maintenance” session each month, once they have achieved balance. Do what feels right for you and your budget.

Please don’t expect one session to be a miracle “cure or healing”. Some conditions will require 3 to 5 sessions for best results.

Reiki is an alternative/holistic approach for ongoing medical/emotional issues. I advise all medications and medical care by a GP must be continued. Holistic and modern medicine are a wonderful pairing! 

I am also happy to send Distant Reiki to your animals, like us they respond beautifully to energy. I also offer a House Clearing Energy & Property Session. 

So what is a CHAKRA?
This word is from the Sanskrit and means “wheel” we have several of these energy centers within our body

Chakras are spinning energy wheels that keep us spiritually and mentally healthy

They are in 7 different energy centers from our Root to our Crown.

They are aligned with our main energy channel and run parallel with the spine. Each chakra vibrates a particular colour frequency.

If a block, stagnant energy, or hole appears in our auric fields or chakras this causes dis-ease

This causes imbalance from within and we may get symptoms of this problem in our physical body

If you would like further information please email anytime. I’m happy to explain the process to you. 

Walk in Beauty, Kelli🪶xx


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