Distant REIKI Energy Healing with Kelli



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Hello beautiful people,

Would you like to learn more about my Usui Distant Reiki Healings and what it holds for you?

We can all benefit from this beautiful healing energy, without having a hands on session! 

This traditionally Japanese practice of transferring Life Force Energy is a non invasive method of energy healing, to compliment your self care and emotional wellbeing.

Practicing and receiving Reiki is like receiving the ultimate healing hug, big love and alignment from the Universe. You will be attuned with a series of Symbols and hand placements I use. 

Reiki helps empower and enlighten your mind, body and spirit.

I offer a Distant Healing Session of Reiki combined with Crystal Healing. Which means, I surround us with various crystals for their healing vibration and their protective energies.  I am qualified in both these fields and studied for a couple of years, hands-on and in theory to gain these Accreditations.

I will conduct your healing on the day you select. I do not give a time, as I need to be in a quiet frame of mind without other work distractions. Usually as a guideline I commence the Reiki around 1pm or shortly after. 

For me to send the highest good energy to you, I need to be without stress, without rushing, or without interruptions. Otherwise, it’s like a power cord being pulled out of the electrical socket! We lose our connection. 

As shown in my photo, I choose to burn sacred herbs of SweetGrass Braids or I use Cedar or White Sage. These are used for ceremonies, healings and rituals and I believe the smoke to carry our prayers, intentions and love to the higher Spirit Realms of our Ancestors during the Healing hour. 


🕉 60 minute Distant Reiki Session 

~ This involves grounding and balancing you

~ Balancing your Chakras prior to Reiki Healing

~ Sending Reiki energy using hand placements from your head to feet

~ Surrounding you with Spiritual Protection once we finish our energy exchange

🕉 An email upon completion of your healing. I include what my findings were and what I did for you


~ I require a brief email from you outlining where you may feel unbalanced, emotional, or healing is needed

~ You may add 3 areas that you can request healing for, in your session (please keep them simple) 

~ Please be open and responsive during the day I send energy healing, it makes for a great outcome!

If you could forward your email and photo asap that would be appreciated, as I like to be prepared a few days prior to our Healing. 

My Email address is: moonstonegypsy@outlook.com

If you are working, driving, or sleeping at the time of the healing it doesn’t matter. By acknowledging our Reiki session it allows the energy to connect with you 

Please be aware I work ethically at all times and I never send energy to anyone who has not requested Reiki personally. So I cannot extend it to a loved one or family member without their permission prior. 

Our spiritual bodies and mindset interact with energy every day. Some positive, some negative. Reiki helps regain a healthy balance of the two. 

REIKI Ever wondered what it is and how to say it?
“Ray Key” is the correct way to pronounce it.

Reiki is higher Universal healing from the source. It may be felt through the body, even though we can’t physically see it being transferred. But we can usually feel the heat or effects of it.

Reiki extends beyond our physical body. It reaches our Aura and Chakras also. 

Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy 

To effectively practice and send Reiki Healing to others, you must study, practice and be attuned at each level of learning by a Reiki Lineage of Masters. Once all attunement levels have been reached and passed, you receive the honoured title of becoming a Reiki Master. This has most definitely changed my life in such a positive way. 

Reiki energy works as effectively via distant healings and is exactly the same, as if I was in person with you.

In fact, I have found most prefer to be in their own surrounds, rather than receive a hands on healing in person. It is normal to feel nervous or feel a little uncertain, if you are accepting energy you have never felt before. Being in your own home, lessens these concerns and often the Reiki is more successful, as you are holding no barriers up. 

You simply accept the healing that you have requested. You are spiritually protected the whole hour. My Reiki Guides ensure the highest outcome and healings is transferred. 

Think of me as a vessel for the energy to channel through. My personal energy remains within my physical body it does not merge with yours. The higher Reiki energy streams through my palms into your body. That is the power of the Reiki Ray of violet light. My hands get so hot during this! 

Sensations & emotions may vary, some feel heat, tingling, goosebumps, sometimes even an increase or peak  in condition, then healing occurs over the following week

Always stay hydrated just before after a healing. It may make your throat feel dry and you may feel very warm during and after a healing. Drinking water is invaluable for your health! 

Do not be alarmed if you feel nothing, there is no “normal”. Some people won’t get any sensations or feelings during the actual session and then in a few days it will hit like a brick! This is the exact thing that happened to me, when I was attuned by my Master during my course, levels and learnings.

I experienced nothing at the time she gave me each Attunement and then boom, 2 days later I experienced head cold and body lethargy, slept, and had extra rest for around 4 days. Pain may also heighten, before it plateaus. This is actually a really positive sign. 

This is known as a “spiritual detox“ and the effects are very real. They are not harmful, it is your body removing stagnant energies, unbalanced emotions, and your Chakras aligning for good health. Always continue your prescription medications. Holistic and modern medicine, go hand in hand for a positive outcome! 

Emotional upsets are another common after reaction from your healing, especially if you are dealing with trauma or repressed feelings. Cry, scream and do what you need to release these emotions. When you open your Throat Chakra you will feel the weight on your shoulders and body aches, you have been holding in lessen! 

Reiki Distant Healing works on energy and timelessness for we are all connected. The Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen connects us for our Energy Healing using the element of Air. 

The benefits of regular Distant Reiki Healings are: 

~ Balance and Harmony

~ Quieting your mind chatter

~ Removing toxins 

~ Stress reduction

~ Decreasing pain

~ Improved Sleep

~ Balancing Chi within our body

~ Boost immunity and general health

~ Eases Anxiety/Panic/Depression

~ Happiness and Love

~ Spiritual Growth

~ Accelerates the body’s self-healing process

~ Release past traumas 

~ Chakra Alignment

Sessions may be performed as often as you wish, you cannot have too much Reiki. Many clients love a “maintenance” session every month, but you can choose any length of time between sessions as you desire. 

Please don’t expect one session to be a miracle “cure or healing” for you. Some conditions will require 3 to 5 sessions for the best results.

Reiki helps our body and mindset. You should feel small energy shifts after an initial healing but usually it takes a few sessions. Like anything natural, it takes time to build the energy and outcome.

Reiki is an alternative/holistic approach for ongoing medical/emotional issues. I advise all medications and medical care by a GP must be continued.

I am also happy to send Distant Reiki to your animals, as like us they respond beautifully to such a powerful energy. 

So what is a CHAKRA?
This word is from the Sanskrit and means “wheel” we have several of these energy centers within our body

Chakras are spinning energy wheels that keep us spiritually and mentally healthy

They are in 7 different energy centers from our Root to our Crown.

They are aligned with our main energy channel and run parallel with the spine. Each chakra vibrates a particular colour frequency.

If a block, stagnant energy, or hole appears in our auric fields or chakras this causes dis-ease

This causes imbalance from within and we may get symptoms of this problem in our physical body

CRYSTAL HEALING provides natural energy vibrations and also allows the body to self-heal 

Crystals programmed for healing can assist your etheric, mental, physical, and astral bodies keeping them healthy  

Crystals are their own natural energy vibration and they love Reiki just like we do!
I do surround myself and your energy with crystals suited to you, for the duration of our healing 

If you would like further information or have a specific question for me about a Healing, please email me anytime. I’m happy to explain the process to you. 

“The light in me honors the light in you” Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (Reiki symbol for distant healing)

Walk in Beauty, Kelli🏹xx