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Distant Reiki House Clearing Session

Distant Reiki House Clearing/Protection Reiki Session

Distant Reiki House Clearing/Protection Reiki Session

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Hello beautiful people,

We all benefit from this healing energy, without needing a hands on, face to face session. This is the same principle for our sacred spaces. Remote or Distant healing/ clearing is amazing!

I choose to burn sacred herbs of SweetGrass Braids, White Sage or Palo Santo during the Session. These are used for ceremonies, healings and rituals and I believe the smoke carries our prayers, intentions and love to the higher Spirit Realms of our Ancestors during the Healing hour. Which in turn provides us with protection, grounding to Mother Earth.

 I will also recommend a simple crystal that is suited to help the energy in each room become more positive etc. This is an optional purchase for you. If you wish to purchase I will program and Reiki infuse each crystal as needed.

This is what my Distant Reiki for your home includes:

~ I will scan for negative or blocked energy in your desired rooms

~ I will clear and balance the vibration in each room

~ I will empower the space with Reiki energy as needed, depending on what I find or what you wish to achieve (see below options)

~ I will send Cherokee Blessings and protect the space/home using my Native herbs

 I require the following from you before the Energy Clearing Session:

~ A photo of the chosen room/s needing healing

~ A photo of your land and each corner of it outside, if you want a protection session for your boundaries. A front door photo included also.

This is sent via email to me at: 

🏡 🏡 🏡 🏡

You may choose either of these clearing energy options:

Property boundaries (4 corners of your property) and front entrance


~ Inside your home which includes 3 rooms

How I benefit your home:

~ I remove any negative stagnant energy

~ I empower each room chosen or the house boundaries with Sacred Reiki Symbols

~ I recommend crystal placements for each area to continue the desired energy effect

~ I surround your home in protection and blessings

You may request Reiki energy for the following outcomes:

~ To improve abundance/wealth in your office space/work area

~ To improve sleeping patterns in the bedroom

~ To boost health and vitality in the kitchen area

~ To remove blocked energy and release any heaviness

~ To protect your home using Universal protection

~ To attract positivity and harmony to your home entrance ways

Please select your preference using the drop down menu: 

So, there you have it! My newest addition into the World of Reiki Healings!


I have been offering my Distant services now for a few years and I thank you all for your support and constant bookings! I hope you equally enjoy this one for your family home also. This healing benefits our most sacred of spaces and our family within it.

Walk in Beauty, Kelli xx














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