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Dolomite Cluster

Dolomite Cluster

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weight: 99gms

height: 38mm

width: 78mm 

ELEMENT: Crown and Root

This amazing mineral vibration is here to revitalise our physical, mental and spiritual bodies.

It will unite and align your chakras, yes all of them!,

Dolomite helps anchor us with Mother Earth and gives us feelings of balance, security and oneness with nature. Allow her to both ground and ascend you with her natural healing abilities.

Hold you piece for a meditation or healing. If healing start at your crown chakra and follow downwards hovering above each energy wheel for a few minutes. I like to use a clockwise motion to I still positive energy inwards.

For meditation cradle in your palms or hold in front of your third eye chakra for some insights, spiritual growth and higher wisdom. Wait for those visions to materialise!

Dolomite is metaphysically healing for easing PMS symptoms, emotions and mood swings, nails and skin health. It may also be of help with strengthening our muscles, adrenal glands and regulating metabolism and weight issues.



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