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Essential Oils Blend ~ Anti Depression

Essential Oils Blend ~ Anti Depression

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100% natural and undiluted essential oils

10ml Bottle includes dropper 

ROOT AND CROWN CHAKRAS this blend works well with both 

Soothe them both to create happiness and connection to Mother Earth below and Father Sky above 

Dab some on and heal yourself outdoors by “earthing” barefoot. This helps you absorb negative ions for wellbeing and good health and immunity 

Sometimes the answer to the most arduous problems can be nature!

The spirited scent of Frankincense with the beautiful citrusy Bergamot is so uplifting!

Next included is the always healing Lavender to invigorate and calm your frayed emotions 

May be used as:

perfume, vaporiser, diffuser, light bulb, insect repelllant 


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