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Frosted Shoushan Jasper Anklet ~ Serenity

Frosted Shoushan Jasper Anklet ~ Serenity

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CHAKRA: Root, Heart & Throat


8mm frosted gemstones on elastic

7 inch circumference

These are beautiful to wear for everyday healing, spirituality and crystal vibes

Please do not wet anklet as it may affect long term quality 

 Shoushan Jasper is all about peace and harmony

She elevates and soothes our mind, body and spirit for higher spiritual growth and serenity

All Jaspers are metamorphic having undergone changes of movement, heat and pressure from Mother Earth over time, this creates their inner strength

Jasper is activating for our sexuality and increases pleasure

Jasper absorbs negative energy and cleanses whilst aligning our physical, mental, etheric and auric bodies

It clears electromagnetic and environmental pollution from our surrounds

Metaphysically Healing for fertility, lucid dreaming, connection with higher realms, vitality and eliminating stress from our World. 

You receive one anklet chosen intuitively for you, each is uniquely beautiful 

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