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INTUITIVELY CHOSEN ~ Garnierite Pillow / Palm Stone

INTUITIVELY CHOSEN ~ Garnierite Pillow / Palm Stone

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weight: 55gms

Height: 55mm

Width: 35mm All averages

Garnierite is a beautiful gentle energy of mint green tones

It is a relatively new stone to the crystal world and just gorgeous

It has vibrations to attract abundance and prosperity to your life

This stone helps you focus on your spiritual path and flourish

Used in manifesting it can help attract what you wish to achieve

With its gentle calming tones it opens our Heart Chakra for love, growth and compassion

It is also a wonderful friendship stone

Some believe it to be a lucky talisman to carry for favourable outcomes

Palm Stones are very versatile for use in crystal healing, meditation, a worry stone or as a harmonious home decor piece

On a healing level Palm Stones work by :

~ reducing our stress levels when we hold and stroke them

~ this releases our natural endorphins or painkillers

~ The crystal energies also give us their their healing vibrations

You receive one palm/worry stone chosen intuitively for you 


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