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Indigo Gabbro Heart

Indigo Gabbro Heart

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CHAKRA: Third Eye


weight: 217gms

height: 62mm

width: 70mm

Indigo Gabbro originates from Madagascar

Also known as Mystic Merlinite this is a wonderful crystal for enhancing clairvoyance, clairaudience and connecting with nature spirits.

Use at bedtime to promote powerful dreaming with messages and answers you seek from your guides

This is a very high energy stone and is used to increase Reiki or energy healing

It is great to hold in your palm for vitality or meditation

Gabbro connects us with our higher self when used during meditation and brings spiritual growth

Metaphysically healing for our immune system and balancing the alkalinity of our systems

It is believed in folklore, crystal hearts hold the energies of those who touch them

They make special gifts and are perfect used as a worry stone for your palm

Meditation holding them will bring peace and loving energies as the crystal type is amplified

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