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Intuitively Chosen ~ Epidote

Intuitively Chosen ~ Epidote

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Element: Earth

Weight: 65gms

Height: 33mm

Width: 63mm 

This beautiful stone dates back to the early 1800’s

Placing this crystal in your home, attracts abundance and wellbeing, being a green stone, she also opens our Heart Chakra for renewed healing and nurture

Epidote loves being placed near plants, as it is closely connected with the Nature and Faery Realms in Folklore

Use to boost your thoughts into positive actions, instead of thinking you can’t do something, move forward and do it!

Placed in a family room this gorgeous girl adds renewed energy to your surrounds

Metaphysically Healing for gallbladder issues, digestion and helping recovery from ongoing illness.
Also good for our nervous system and calming stress

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