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INTUITIVELY CHOSEN ~ Labradorite Fairy

INTUITIVELY CHOSEN ~ Labradorite Fairy

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CHAKRA: Third Eye and Throat


weight: 10gms

height: 35mm

width: 20mm

A stone of magic and independent thoughts and actions

Develops our psychic awareness and spiritual growth

Labradorite strengthens our aura and unites all our Chakras

A stone for determination and motivation

Use labradorite for dream recall and balance, it also offers protection 

Its known for its beautiful iridescent colouring and shimmers of colour

Wearing labradorite brings the fun and spontaneity back to your life

Gets you out of your routine if you feel stuck in the daily grind

Metaphysically healing for bronchitis, respiratory complaints, menstruation and PMS

We all know we need to be behaved around the Fairies, and we also know to leave them little sparkles and presents in the garden and nature for gratitude.

We want them to like us, not play tricks or cause mischief as some do!

Never whisper secrets, the fairy folk are always listening….

Cherish this beautiful fairy energy and Magick in your sacred space

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