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Kammererite Silver Pendant

Kammererite Silver Pendant

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CHAKRA: Third Eye and Crown

Height: 53mm

Width: 23mm

This is a rarer stone that originates Turkey. If you are a true Crystal Collector you don’t want to miss this beauty! 

This amazing Kammererite allows you to delve into your spirituality, and open your minds eye to higher spiritual realms during meditation and daily life

It helps us achieve our purpose and allows us to flourish and grow

Activating both our Root and higher chakras for perfect balance and enlightenment, with the security of being grounded safely on Mother Earth

Metaphysically healing for easing pains and soothing sore muscles

Placed under your pillow at night or on your bedside table, is sure to promote lucid dreaming! and make sure you write those messages down!

Genuine .925 Sterling Silver 

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