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Kitchen Witchery

Kitchen Witchery

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Transform the mundane chore of preparing a meal into a magickal act of healing, manifesting, and creating. This guide elevates the way you cook and prepare meals, and it presents a wide variety of correspondences, techniques, and recipes for every ingredient in your kitchen.

Organized by food type, you'll learn the magickal ins and outs of:Wheats and Flours . Beans and Lentils . Nuts and Seeds . Oils and Vinegars . Sweets . Spices and Herbs . Vegetables . Fruits . Dairy and Eggs . Drinks . Gluten-free Meals

Laurel Woodward shares the magick of everyday things, revealing how each task can be like a ritual of creation. You'll enjoy recipes for the seasons, special oil and seasoning blends, and other clever ways to make any ingredient into a magical tool.

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