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Moldavite Silver Ring

Moldavite Silver Ring

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CHAKRA: Heart, Third Eye & Crown

This gorgeous ring is a fixed size 9.5 and is not adjustable

Moldavite is one amazing stone to wear and use...

Tektites are are unique formation, from outer space, here on earth for us to tap into

It is quite a rare stone that can only be found in Czechoslovakia

Being Tektite it has very high vibrations and intense frequencies

It also contains a mix of earthy energies that combines with our spirituality that allows us to progress on our path

Use it to calm and ease worries and stress, it will align your emotions

Holding or wearing during meditation, brings higher consciousness and helps us reach deeper spiritual realms

Use it for prophetic dreaming and recall each night

Metaphysically Healing for Asthma, allergies and rashes

Wear it to shield against the modern world and the pollutants, and toxins we face each day

Moldavite is fragile, so care needs to be taken, do not cleanse with water or anything harsh

Wearing Moldavite in jewellery allows the energies to remain in your vibrational field during the day, which in turn strengthens its power

Some wearers do experience effects such as light headedness or tingling sensations

If this occurs I recommend combining it with a dark grounding crystal to offer some earthy balance as well for your Root Chakra

Genuine .925 Sterling Silver with raw Moldavite

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