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Bohemian Moon Crown ~ Rainbow

Bohemian Moon Crown ~ Rainbow

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CHAKRA: Third Eye, Crown and Throat 


These beautiful crowns feature silver metal headband with wire wrapped crystals and a Celtic triple moon phase.

Crystals used are natural points and all will differ in size, shape and colour

This colour varies so much depending on the light she is near, hence the colour name!

This Aura reminds us to feel and see joy everyday. It brings out our inner child and allows us to see Magick and wonder surrounding us.

If you want to ground outside, hold your Aura and connect with Nature Spirits and Fairies. They love sparkles and crystals and will be grateful for you sharing the good vibes with them!

Aura is clear or rock quartz that has been heated with extreme high temperatures with gold, silver or platinum minerals.The heat reaches 871 degrees Celsius or 1600 Farenheight, the minerals are then bonded.

This is a modern day form of alchemy which the purified metals are added to the vacuum and fuse permanently to the outer quartz. This results in a beautiful metallic rainbow appearance and colours

Crystals that have been coloured or heat treated still hold their original energy vibration within. Nothing can change this! I liken it to us colouring our hair, wearing makeup, painting our nails etc. We remain the same person & soul within!

Metaphysically healing for bringing stability and self confidence. Use it to clear your Aura of energy blocks and restore free flowing Chi.

You receive one crown chosen intuitively for you 

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