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Multi Tourmaline Healing Bracelet ~ Rainbow

Multi Tourmaline Healing Bracelet ~ Rainbow

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7mm gemstone beads on elastic

7 inch circumference

These healing bracelets are the perfect way to receive the healing and positive vibes of crystal energies during your daily routine

This Stone is the most varied colour in the Tourmaline family, with gorgeous colour spectrums

Folklore believes that this variety which can blend 2 or 3 tones/colours in one stone, fell from the Rainbow to Earth

This beautiful stone balances our Mind Body & Spirit for perfect spiritual health

Magickally it is used for vision quests and shamanic journeys to bring insight

A stone that is suited for artistic and creative people, it helps bring out your passion

It also helps psychological problems or hallucinations, by creating a more harmonious energy 

Tourmaline is a protective stone for its keeper

Metaphysically healing for all over physical healing and helping mental thought patterns

Do not wet your bracelet as quality may be affected over time 

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