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Agate Patagonia Thunder Egg

Agate Patagonia Thunder Egg

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CHAKRA: Third Eye and Root

weight: 981gms

height: 90mm

width: 141mm

In Native American legend we believe Thunder eggs to have been thrown to Earth by the fighting “Thunder Spirits”! These large rocks were hurled in anger at one another....

They look like any normal rock on their outer layer but when split they reveal the beauty within and no two are ever the same with their unique markings and colour tones.

Placed in our homes or a sacred space they offer very protective and peaceful energy 

Benefits of this grounding vibration include positive communication and help transitions through life changes

Agate is a powerful Earth energy that brings balance to our Yin/Yang energies

It offers protection and vitality to our surrounds

Agate stabilises our Aura and brings harmony and calming energies

Agate brings courage, strength, confidence and eases our fears

Agate when held over Chakras in healings allows us to release any blocked energies, and restore free flow

They provide a rock of stability and give hope where needed

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