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Phoenix / Eilat Sphere Includes Wooden Holder

Phoenix / Eilat Sphere Includes Wooden Holder

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weight: 699gms

Diameter: 84mm

How amazing is this gorgeous girl?

Phoenix Stone or Eilat Stone is a combination of Malachite, Turquoise and Chrysocolla! For me I love them all and the blue green colours take it to the next level, being my favourite colour

This stunning vibrational energy stone, originates from the Sinai Peninsula in Israel. This was one of Mother Earth’s  first copper mines.

So, with all these earthy tones we know she is going to ease our heart chakra, soothe our souls and heal emotional turmoil or baggage we may be carrying

I love to use any form and always wear my Turquoise, as a personal Talisman of protection and program it for wellbeing 

Malachite is deeply renewing, cleansing and brings protection from pollutants and EMFs in our modern living world

Chrysocolla is for women and is a stone for every Goddess, she heals hormones and allows us balance and brings confidence whilst easing any fears we may have, especially of being alone

Metaphysically healing for PMS, hormones, menopause/ peri menopause, clarity and creativity

Crystal spheres/balls bring harmony to their surrounds with their perfect shape

They direct even energy flow when used in crystal healing

Use as a focal point during meditation or for scrying


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